Only During Peacetime, Hopefully

Russian planes fly over U.S. naval ships

Two Russian planes flew within 500 feet of U.S. Navy ships participating in military drills with South Korea, military officials said.

After trying unsuccessfully to contact the pilots, U.S. fighter jets met up with the Russian planes and flew with them until they left the area, CNN reported.

One incident occurred Monday, when Russian Ilyushin IL-38 maritime patrol aircraft flew over the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis while it was in international waters in the Sea of Japan. The Russian aircraft flew within 500 feet of the carrier, which was lower than other Russian flyovers in the past year, military officials said.

On Tuesday, two Russian long-range bombers overflew the Stennis and the USS Blue Ridge several times at about 2,000 feet, U.S. military officials told CNN.

Military officials said U.S. aircraft tried contacting the Russian planes on international air frequency radio channels on both days but the Russian pilots didn’t respond.

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/not the sort of aircraft that should be able to get within several hundred miles of a carrier strike group during wartime

Celebrity Bowling, Loser’s A Moron

It’s pretty much common knowledge that Obama sucks as a bowler.

So then last night, on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Obama tries to make a joke that sucking at bowling was like something straight out of the Special Olympics, pretty much implying that Special Olympians sucked at sports.

Well, needless to say, that went over like a 20 lb. bowling ball dropped on your foot.

Obama’s Special Olympics snafu

Like millions of other parents, we have a special child that has competed in the Special Olympics. We know that these special people did not wish this upon themselves and many are frustrated by their situation. And then for a man gifted with intelligence, the leader our country, to laughingly say bowled as if he were in the Special Olympics on the Jay Leno show is sickening. I do not think President Obama is the man he portrays himself to be.

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Now, if you’re like me, you’re thinking, how can this kerfuffle be resolved? Two words: Celebrity Bowling! Obama needs to put up or shut up by bowling his way out of the mess he made. And he has no shortage of opponents to choose from . . .

Special Olympics Bowler Offers Obama Bowling Tips

President Obama joked Thursday that his bowling ability was suitable for the Special Olympics, a comment for which he later apologized.

But one Special Olympics bowler has a few tips for the president on how to improve his score.

Tim Maloney, a 38-year-old with Down Syndrome who has been bowling for 30 years, said the president needs to practice more if he wants to bring his recent score of 129 anywhere close to Maloney’s average of 165.

“Focus, take his time, and relax” were the simple-but-effective tips Maloney offered the president in a phone interview Friday with from his home in suburban Milwaukee. “Keep your eyes on the alley.”

Brentwood Special Olympian says he’d bowl against Obama

Daniel Fletcher, 21, a Brentwood man who has bowled in the Special Olympics, has a message for President Obama:

Get ready for some competition.

Fletcher went online with his parents Friday afternoon to watch a recording of Obama jokingly likening his bowling style to that of competitors in the Special Olympics.

“I am willing to get a team to challenge him,” Fletcher said. He thought of an alternative: “I’d challenge him myself.”

Fletcher, who has Down syndrome, bowls three times a week, and recently scored 130 – a point higher than the score Obama mentioned on ” The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

Special Olympics Champ to Barack: Bring it On!

A bowling phenom in the Special Olympics has just challenged Prez Barack Obama to a White House roll-off … and he’ll probably kick Barack’s butt.

Kolan McConiughey, a Special Olympics competitor who has bowled three perfect 300 games, tells TMZ that the Prez has to score a lot higher than 129 to beat him. Kolan says he bowls an average of 266.

Kolan — who works at a grocery store in Ann Arbor, Mich. — said he’d love to go to the White House to beat Barack on his own lane. Kolan said, “He’s cool, but he can’t beat me.”

We posed the challenge to the White House. They said “no comment.”

So, Obama, you’ve been duly challenged for your insult, the gauntlet laid down after slapping you across your face. Are you man enough to step up or just a cowardly, sniveling wimp?

And the contest should be held at the White House bowling alley and televised in the Leno time slot.

/loser’s a moron