We’re Going To Need A Bigger Trough

US House Passes $3.55T Budget Resolution

The U.S. House passed a $3.55 trillion budget blueprint that would clear that way for President Barack Obama’s major policy initiatives but which saw heavy criticism from Republicans for expanding the reach of the federal government.

The resolution would set funding levels for fiscal year 2010, which begins October 1. The bill contains slightly less spending than Obama’s $3.6 billion budget blueprint.

The House passed its version of the budget resolution by a 233-196 vote. No Republicans voted for the resolution.

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Way to go House Republicans!

/make the Democrats totally own this bloated, fiscally irresponsible, bankrupt the country and screw our grandchildren, monstrous travesty

Count All The Criminals

Census Bureau: We’ll Work with ‘Community Organizations’ to Count All Illegal Aliens in 2010

The acting director of the U.S. Census Bureau, Thomas Mesenbourg, told CNSNews.com that the bureau intends to work with community organizations to make sure every illegal alien in the United States is counted in the 2010 Census.

The Census is used to apportion the seats in the U.S. House of Representative. There are 435 House seats that are divided among the states in proportion to their population, which is determined by the decennial census. States with more people get more seats in the U.S. House.

This means that a state harboring more illegal aliens can gain more House seats as long as the Census Bureau finds the illegal aliens and counts them. This also means that the illegal alien population resident in the United States during a census year has the potential to alter the regional and philosophical balance of power in Congress.

Mesenbourg’s comments were made after a press conference on Wednesday where Commerce Secretary Gary Locke joined several interest groups, including Univision, the National Council of La Raza, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) to talk about efforts to ensure a full count of Latinos in the 2010 Census.

When asked whether he intended to maximize the count of illegal aliens in next year’s census, Mesenburg said: “Our job is to count everyone that resides in the U.S.–count them once. So, certainly that’s our goal to count every individual, every resident whether they’re documented, undocumented, whether they are citizens or non-citizens.”

Locke Urges Census Workers to Count Illegals

New Commerce Secretary Gary Locke on Monday exhorted census volunteers to boost outreach in hard-to-count communities as a top lawmaker urged the government to halt immigration raids to ensure an accurate count.

Speaking at a Census Bureau training conference, Locke and Rep. William Lacy Clay, D-Mo., tried to allay fears in Hispanic and Asian communities where immigrants often mistake census workers for tax collectors or law enforcement officials.

“It is your familiar, trusted voices that will help us succeed in educating residents about the census,” Locke, who is Asian-American, said in his first public appearance since taking office.

Without specifically mentioning immigration, Locke stressed that personal information in the census form will remain confidential. Clay went a step further, urging the partnership groups, ranging from the AFL-CIO and Coca-Cola to the NAACP and Voto Latino, to expose any “sinister tricks” to dissuade immigrants from completing their census forms.

There are nearly 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., many of them clustered in states such as California, New York, Florida and Texas, which stand to either lose House seats or gain fewer seats depending on whether their Hispanic communities are fully counted.

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So, let’s recap. Illegal aliens, by definition, can’t legally work here, can’t legally vote here, can’t legally live here, and it’s a crime for them to even actually be here. And yet, we’re going to make extra special efforts to count them and, depending on where they live and in what numbers, use the information to reapportion congressional districts, reward states and cities that give sanctuary to illegal aliens with more U.S, Representatives and Electoral College votes, expand the budget for Federal social programs, and redirect taxpayer dollars to those who flaunt U.S. immigration law.

What is this, a census or a government sponsored Democrat get out the illegal vote drive? Just take one look at the “community organizations” that are being used to help count the illegal aliens. Almost every last one of them is pro illegal immigration and politically beholden to the Democrat party. The U.S. census is supposed to be apolitical, not politically incestuous.

It’d almost be humorous if it weren’t so frustratingly insane that we’re going to spend millions, if not billions, working with “community organizations” to find and count every last illegal alien in the United States, yet the U.S. Immigration And Customs Enforcement agency has been told to stand down and virtually prevented from doing the exact same thing in order to enforce existing U.S. immigration laws.

/way off the high end of the irony meter scale, peg’s broken and the needle is spinning wildly