Israel Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night

If anyone has any more illusions that the Obama administration is an ally of Israel, besides all the other obvious clues, look no further than the fact that Obama has now officially backed the Saudi (1967 border) peace plan, ’nuff said. Obama is resigned to an Iranian nuclear weapon and will do nothing to lift a finger to help Israel deal with this existential threat and will probably work against Israel by denying the required airspace and tankers necessary to silence the Iranian menace with a conventional strike.

Enough is enough, the [expletive deleted] is in the wind.

Are New York Jews a target if Israel strikes Iran?

The New York Police Department has prepared plans to beef up security at the city’s synagogues and other Jewish sites amid escalating tensions between Israel and Iran, officials confirmed Friday.

Concerns that Muslim extremist groups might retaliate against civilians in New York City’s Jewish community if Israel were to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities prompted the NYPD to put together a response plan that includes deploying extra officers, including heavily armed “Hercules Teams,” to synagogues, Jewish community centers and Israeli diplomatic offices.

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