Arlen Specter, Poster Boy For Term Limits

Arlen Specter switched parties? How can you tell?

He’s not prepared to have his record decided by Pennsylvania Republican primary voters? You bet your ass he’s not because he knows he’d lose badly. Specter has no principles or core values whatsoever, it’s all about him and his own self-preservation, he’s nothing more than a rank political opportunist and whore, who’ll turn tricks for whoever pays the most. Blaming conservative Republicans for his plight is just damn pathetic, especially after all the help the party gave him in his last election.

Not only has he now defrauded all the Republicans that voted for him, but remember, this is the jerk off that saddled us with Obama’s bloated, pork laden “stimulus” bill. What a mealy mouthed, sanctimonious, ass crack licking piece of weasel [expletive deleted]. Good riddance, he couldn’t even spell Republican anyway, let alone be able to define it.

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So despite being poked and stroked, wined and dined by Democrats to switch parties for six years, watch Specter lie his ass off in a March 17th interview.

And just how big a hypocritical, amoral, malodorous scumbag underwear stain is Specter? Check this out.

Specter condemned Jim Jeffords’ party switch in 2001

When the Vermont Republican became an independent, Specter lost a committee chairmanship in the Senate’s resulting power shift. An angry Specter proposed a ban on such party switches.

When a Senate Republican left his party in 2001, elevating the Democrats to majority status, one member of the GOP was especially vocal about his displeasure: Arlen Specter.

Specter said then- Vermont Sen. Jim Jeffords’ decision to become an independent was disruptive to the functioning of Congress. He proposed a rule forbidding party switches that had the effect of vaulting the minority to majority status in the middle of a congressional session.

“If somebody wants to change parties, they can do that,” Specter said at the time. “But that kind of instability is not good for governance of the country and the Senate.”

Now it is Specter switching parties, proclaiming himself a Democrat. While the move won’t throw one party out of power, it could potentially hand the Democrats a 60-vote majority and deprive the GOP of the ability to block legislation through a filibuster.

Eight years ago, Jeffords’ decision cost Specter his chairmanship of the Veterans Affairs Committee. Specter said at the time that he wanted the rule change to prevent a party switch that could decisively swing the balance of power in the Senate overnight, disrupting U.S. domestic and foreign policy.

He also said that Jeffords’ move would put Senate staff members out of work as committee chairmanships changed hands, and that he had already seen “a lot of crying” among staff members worried about their future.

And hey, looky here, this isn’t even the first time Specter’s sold out for political expediency.

Arlen Specter, not fit for a toilet seat, let alone a Senate seat. Any more pejorative adjectives would just be wasted on this assmunch of a huckleberry.

/this is exactly why we need term limits, to keep these corrupt political ticks, in both parties, with an unearned, sense of hubris and entitlement to their seat, from getting so entrenched in the Washington woodwork like this that they can’t be easily extracted when they develop the attitude that they’re above the will of the voters