Best Trade of The Year, So Far

Okay, so a week ago today I started doing my homework. I read Monday’s IBD and went to work compiling my primary watch list. Out of 19 stocks, only two were close to buy range, and I only liked one, GMCR. One problem, it was trading around $52, still $3 below it’s proper technical buy point. So I set a stop limit order, $55.71 stop, $55.75 limit. I ended up with a good boatload of the stock at $55.75 on Tuesday.

It pulled back precipitously during market hours Wednesday and then, after reporting earnings, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters exploded after hours. The stock opened at ~72 Thursday, peaked at $79. I sold it at $75. Do the math.

/I don’t need to work for a few months, but I’ll be back at it Monday