Make Your Own Pet Water Bubbler


Before Bill arrived I sprang for a couple bubblers. Awesome concept, the cats really dig the bubbling action, but the bubblers were made of questionable plastic and were an absolute bitch to clean. So, what I wanted to do was switch back to easily cleanable ceramic bowls AND keep the bubbling effect, which is basically an aquarium pump and aquarium tubing.

So, I went to the hardware store with a sample of the air hose and bought six snug fitting stainless steel nuts for a total of $1.93, tax included. I worked three on the end of each air hose and plunked them down on the side of the ceramic cat water bowls. Voila, I instantly had two aerator/bubbler cat water bowls without the questionable $55 worth of possibly leaching plastic parts that you couldn’t thoroughly clean in a half hour. Now, although the ceramic bowls need filling more often because there’s no reservoir, cleaning is a snap, I just pull the unattached hose out, take 30 seconds to clean the bowl, refill, and drop the hose back in. The cats are happy, I’m happy, and the nasty plastic parts are in the trash.

/of course, you don’t need to start with the $28.50 bubbler, besides the stainless steel nuts, all you need is a cheap aquarium air pump and some standard aquarium air tubing