If It’s Friday It Must Be Time To Transfer More Taxpayer Money To The UAW

Oh yeah, it’s late Friday afternoon of the Memorial Day weekend, time to tell the taxpayers how much more money Obama just flushed down the auto bankruptcy toilet, hoping you won’t notice.

U.S. Lends Additional $4 Billion to Ailing GM as Bankruptcy Looms
GM says it received 4 bln dlrs more from US Treasury

General Motors Corp. said Friday that it has borrowed an additional $4 billion from the Treasury Department, meaning the automaker has now accepted $19.4 billion in loans from the U.S. government.

GM started taking government money in December and said it intended to borrow $2.6 billion more by June 1 and an additional $9 billion after that. But in a regulatory filing Friday, GM said it needed $1.4 billion sooner than originally forecast.

The company didn’t publicly disclose how it will use the money but said it provided the information to Treasury officials, and they considered the loan acceptable.

“We appreciate President Obama’s and his administration’s ongoing support of GM and the domestic U.S. auto industry as we undertake the difficult but necessary actions to reinvent our company,” the company said in a written statement.

And remember, the plan is to forgive these “loans” in bankruptcy, which GM will most likely declare next week. The UAW thanks you for the direct transfer payments, have a nice long Memorial Day weekend!

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/anyone else think these government sponsored “auto bailouts/bankruptcies” were a really bad idea, aren’t going to go well, will cost taxpayers more than they could ever imagine, and it’s all a criminal waste of money because Chrysler and General Motors will never be able to survive anyway?

If It’s Friday, It Must Be Time To Riot

For Islam, or the Religion of Peace TM as they call it, Friday is the day of communal prayer. So, they all go to Mosque and the Imam whips them into a frenzy concerning the latest real or perceived affront to Islam. And then, when they leave their Friday religious services, as has happened countless times before in many, many countries, most notably after the Danish Muhammad cartoon controversy, during which over 100 people were killed, the now raging, seething Muslims take to the streets and hilarity ensues.

Greek riot police clash with Muslims over Koran mutilation

Hundreds of Muslims clashed with riot police in central Athens on Friday, who retaliated by spraying tear gas into the crowd – who were protesting over the alleged mutilation of a copy of the Koran by police.

Roughly 1,500 immigrants, many from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria marched towards the interior ministry and parliament in central Athens, clashing with riot police by throwing rocks and sticks.

Riot police retaliated by spraying tear gas to disperse the crowd, causing shocked and frightened tourists to run into nearby hotels for cover.

The immigrants said that during a police check on a cafe late on Thursday in central Athens an officer took a customer’s Koran, ripped it apart, threw it on the floor and stomped on it.

Hundreds of angry immigrants immediately took to the streets near Omonia Sqaure, smashing shop windows and destroying parked cars.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Muslims, many who cross into the country illegally in an attempt to seek a better life, have complained of police brutality and poor treatment by officials in the past.

The majority of immigrants live in grim conditions in central Athens, and are not allowed to work and face arrest for minor crimes.

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If the “Koran desecration” incident actually occurred, that would be bad, but it in no way justifies breaking windows, destroying cars, and engaging in general mass mayhem. Muslims living in Western cultures need to learn, although they never will because they don’t intend to, that Islam is not exempt from mockery and that it’s not a crime to criticize religion. No matter how much Muslims collectively desire to dominate the rest of us by conversion or the sword, it’s just never going to happen, we will not accept Sharia rule. All you have to do is look around the world, where Sharia goes, trouble follows. However, as long as Muslims continue to consider themselves superior and all infidels subject to subjugation or death, one of the primary tenets of Islam, there will be no peace for the rest of us.

/seriously, can you imagine if any other religion behaved like this in today’s world?