Make Your Own Pet Water Bubbler UPDATE

Last week I posted about making your own pet water bubbler. It’s still a great concept and working well, rinse the nuts and take a paper towel to the air tubing every once in a while and it’s good to go. However, if you’re an intrepid juvenile cat product tester like Bill, with nothing but all the time in the world on your paws, the air tubing looks like just another toy that must be removed from the water bowl and played with.

So, the system is in need of an upgrade. Besides the cheap aquarium pump, aquarium tubing, and stainless steel nuts, you’re going to need two more things that are virtually free, a rubber band and a twist tie.

Secure the rubber band around the perimeter of the water bowl, near the rim, It needs to be tight to keep the pet from dislodging it. Next, take a twist tie and twist it securely around the air tubing at the approximate place the tubing intersects the rim of the water bowl, Finally, loop the ends of the twist tie between the bowl and rubber band and back around the air tube, thus, for the most part, fixing it in place. Problem mostly solved. It’s still easy for anyone with opposable thumbs to disengage and replace the rubber band/twist tie/air tube apparatus to clean the water bowl, but it’s pretty difficult for cats. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible for a cat to defeat this system, but so far it’s slowed him down real good.

/it’s a test of wills and I WILL win