Obama Says, No Moon For You!

NASA’s moon plan too ambitious, Obama panel says

NASA doesn’t have nearly enough money to meet its goal of putting astronauts back on the moon by 2020 — and it might be the wrong place to go, anyway. That’s one of the harsh messages emerging from a sweeping review of NASA’s human space flight program.

The Human Space Flight Plans Committee, appointed by President Barack Obama and headed by retired aerospace executive Norman Augustine, has been trying to stitch together some kind of plausible strategy for America’s manned space program. The panel has struggled to find options that stay under the current budget and include missions worthy of the cost and effort.

The committee members will meet with administration officials Friday and will report that there is no realistic way to get Americans back on the moon by the target date of 2020, which has been the agency’s goal since President George W. Bush signed off on the “Vision for Space Exploration” in 2004. Landing on the moon by 2020 would require such drastic budgetary maneuvers as de-orbiting the International Space Station — crashing it into the South Pacific — in 2016.

. . .

The “program of record” — NASA’s current strategy — has not fared well in the committee’s review. Former astronaut Sally Ride, a member of the panel, said the gap between NASA’s goals and its current budget totals roughly $50 billion by 2020. If the space station’s life is extended for five years, she said, the current budget would allow for the completion of a heavy-boost moon rocket only in 2028, and that would be without spending money on developing the components of a lunar base.

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$50 billion, these assholes can spend a trillion dollars on Democrat pet projects and call it “stimulus”, but they can’t come up with a comparatively paltry $50 billion to go back to the moon? What a crock of [expletive deleted]!


Peace Through Light, Oh Wait, Obama Wants To Cancel It


Nuke-nobbler raygun 747 scores ‘surrogate’ test success

The USA’s amazing jumbo-jet-mounted blaster cannon, the Airborne Laser (ABL), continues progress through flight testing. Lead contractor Boeing announced last night that the ABL has successfully detected and locked onto a test rocket and held a “surrogate” low-power beam on it. Had a full-bore blast been fired, the rocket would have been destroyed.

“This test demonstrates that the Airborne Laser can fully engage an in-flight missile,” said Boeing jumbo-blaster veep Michael Rinn. “Pointing and focusing a laser beam on a target that is rocketing skyward at thousands of miles per hour is no easy task, but the Airborne Laser is uniquely able to do the job.”

The flight test reportedly took place on Monday off the coast of California, with the target rocket launched from San Nicholas Island.

The prototype ABL, following many years of development and teething troubles, now appears to be closing in on a full-power flight test against a ballistic missile by the end of this year. All components of the system have been tested separately on the ground, and now the full-strength laser plus its associated sensors, battle management and beam pointing hardware have been installed in the plane (it had previously flown with a low-powered laser only, for trials).

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Pretty impressive, huh? Orbit the ABL 24/7 over the western Pacific and suddenly North Korea is in a box, no longer a problem, impotent, neutered.

Well now, we can’t have that, now can we?

/don’t worry, Obama’s gonna cancel the ABL program