Are You Ready For Some Football?

Super Bob was assigned to league Yahoo Public 948705 and players were auto-drafted, another team that doesn’t suck.

Unfortunately, after almost 25 years of continuous play, my fantasy football league, the GFFL, folded this year. I was going to take a break this year and just watch my home team, but at the last minute yesterday, I couldn’t resist the urge and took the plunge at Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football. It’s free and really easy to get set up.

Needless to say, I hadn’t done any research and didn’t know anyone who already had a league I could join. Fortunately, neither of these obstacles was a problem, Yahoo! will auto-assign you to a league and the software also lets you auto-draft the players for your team.

So, I started two teams, Super Bob, which is still waiting to be assigned to a league, and Super Bill, which was assigned to Yahoo Public 932322 and drafted this afternoon. I got a pretty decent team and the software makes it easy to make cuts and pickups so I should be able to make it better as the season goes on.

If you like fantasy football and don’t have a league to play in, I would recommend Yahoo! So far, I’m impressed. And it’s not too late to start a team. They’ll be forming leagues for a while yet. The one ten team league I’m in so far doesn’t even begin keeping real standings until week two, although we still get to play this week, even though it doesn’t count.

/halftime of tonight’s opening NFL game and I’m losing 9 (PIT defense) – 1 (Rob Bironas)