It Was Fraud, Fraud, Fraud, ‘Til Congress Took The Money Away

In the wake of the still unfolding “ACORN and the Hooker” scandal, the U.S. Senate voted 83-7 on Monday for an amendment to block any federal housing grants from going to ACORN. And, if that wasn’t surprising enough, today the U.S. House of Representatives hopped on the bandwagon and also passed legislation to deny ACORN federal funding.

ACORN’s Federal Funding Further Threatened By House Vote

It was another bad day for ACORN, the community organizing group. The House voted Thursday to yank the group’s federal funding, following a similar Senate vote earlier this week.

The legislation passed 345 to 75 as a rider on completely unrelated legislation that would have the federal government displace private lenders from the student-loan industry.

The bill which passed Thursday was a reaction to the latest ACORN scandal. Undercover videos of ACORN employees advising a conservative filmmaker and his friend who posed as a pimp and prostitute on ways to break the law have placed the group on the defensive.

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Even some states were either launching investigations into ACORN or moving to cut off their funding, including California, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, and New York. The pressure is building nationwide and the list may grow.

Of course, at the federal level, removing ACORN from the government teat isn’t a done deal yet. The House and Senate legislation still have to be reconciled (will it cut off all federal ACORN funding or hust some of it?) and then Obama has to sign it. In any case, a special shout out has to go out to James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles the two amatuer videographers who, with a little help from Andrew Breitbart and Fox News, have done more to finally expose the rampant corruption and fraud at ACORN to a nationwide audience than other conservative activists have been able to accomplish in decades of opposing ACORN.

One final tidbit that should be noted is that since the first ACORN hooker video surfaced, polititians with any sense of moral decency have been scrambling to dissacotiate themselves with ACORN and move as far away from the organization as possible. Except that is, for seven Senators and 75 members of the House who, coincidentally, are all Democrats. Gee, they must all have a soft spot in their hearts for child prostitution, money laundering, and tax evasion.

For no particular reason, I’d like to dedicate this song to ACORN and their enablers in Congress.

/ACORN deserves to go away for good, keep the pressure on and don’t let up, tally ho!