Any Excuse For Germans To Get Naked

It’s been 25 years, but, remember Nena?

99 Red Balloons singer Nena in Damanhur naked time travel sect

THE pop star behind the ’80s smash 99 Red Balloons has become mixed up with a cult which boasts it possesses a working time machine – which can only be used nude.

German singer Nena, whose song caused a storm Down Under in 1984, is so keen on Italy’s Damanhur sect that she printed its symbol on her new album, Bild newspaper reports.

Sect founder Oberto Airaudi boasts he can implant spirits into newborn babies – and developed his own time machine.

The only problem is the machine cannot transport clothing, meaning time travellers have to climb in completely naked.

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And now Nena leads Germany to the pinnacle of nudity, naked time travel!

/those crazy Germans


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