We Can’t Pay Back What We Already Owe, So Let’s Borrow More!

Pelosi to propose debt ceiling increase

Language that would raise the U.S. debt ceiling will be included in a defense spending bill up for a vote next week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday.

The deficit is expected to grow by nearly $1.4 trillion this year. House leaders haven’t reached consensus on how much to raise the ceiling, now at $12.1 trillion, but a figure as high as an $1.925 trillion was being discussed, The Washington Post reported.

Treasury officials reported to congressional leaders that the cap must be raised by New Year’s Eve or the federal government would risk running out of money for Social Security and veterans’ payments in January, the Post said.

Yes, that’s right, not only is the House going to vote to raise the debt limit, so we can borrow even more money that we won’t be able to repay but, in an incredibly despicable move, Pelosi and the Democrats are attaching the debt ceiling increase to a defense bill, so anyone who wants to vote against increasing the debt limit also has to vote against funding our troops in the field. One thing there seems to be no limit on is how disgustingly low Democrats will go. Republicans are fighting back, however futile that might prove to be.

House GOP Outraged Over Debt Ceiling Attachment To Defense Bill

Congressman Steve Scalise (R-La.), along with other House GOP leaders, reacted Friday to plans by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to tack a Pentagon appropriations bill with legislation that would increase the nation’s debt ceiling amount by $1.8 trillion by unveiling the” CAP the DEBT Act.”

The bill would repeal the Gephart Rule, which allows debt ceiling increases to be included in joint budget resolutions without a direct vote. Under the Scalise legislation, changes to the national debt ceiling amount would have to pass both Congressional houses with two-thirds majority vote.

Congressman Scalise said that the CAP the DEBT Act is being filed because “the liberals that are running this Congress have been on a wild spending spree for the last three years, since Speaker Pelosi has had the gavel.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday that the ceiling increase would be tacked to a spending bill headed to the House floor next week and that legislation is largely expected to be the pending $636.4 billion Pentagon appropriations bill that would partially fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Prior to Pelosi’s announcement, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said that increasing the ceiling is necessary in order to pay the country’s mounting bills.

However, Scalise was not happy with the proposed method for increasing the national ceiling, saying “the ultimate sign of hypocrisy is [that] this Democrat liberal group running Congress is going to now again hide behind our troops and throw this increase of the national debt ceiling on a defense bill.”

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You think raising the debt ceiling to around $14 trillion is bad? Obama’s out of control socialist agenda is on pace to put this country in the hole to the tune of $20 trillion before he’s done.

/this fiscal insanity has just got to stop

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