Boy Do We Ever

Bush billboard in north metro asks “Miss me yet?”

A billboard with a picture of former president George W. Bush and the question “Miss me yet?” is getting a lot of attention in the north metro–not only for its message but because of the mystery of who’s paying for it.

The billboard is located off northbound Interstate 35 in Wyoming. It went up about one month ago.

Schubert and Hoey Outdoor Advertising of Minneapolis owns the billboard. The company’s general manager said that a group of small business owners in the metro rented the space. She wouldn’t reveal the identities of those business owners or how much they paid.

Businesses in the area said customers are commenting on the sign.

Sara Chouinard, who works at the Nesting Grounds coffee house said, “We’ve heard from quite a few customers about it. Some people think it’s pretty amusing. And other people find it insulting.”

Wyoming Mayor Sheldon Anderson said people have contacted him about the billboard.

Anderson said, “I’ve had people willing to donate money to keep the billboard up, but again I don’t have anything personally to do with it.”

Some people who have seen the sign said they can’t tell if its message is pro-Bush, anti-President Barack Obama or something else.

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/a big thumbs up to whoever paid for this billboard