Calling Don King!

Chessboxing Hits Los Angeles

Chessboxing, the European breakout sport invented by a German artist, Iepe B.T. Rubingh finally has a bastion in the USA, the LA Chessboxing Club. But LA Chessboxing club founder Andrew McGregor has a different slant on the sport. The LA Club, which is sanctioned by the World Chess Boxing Organization, requires fighters to wear headgear, reducing the chance of injury and allowing less experienced boxers to fight.

McGregor told CLO that European healthcare might make chessboxers there more comfortable with the enhanced risk of their fights. By reducing the risk McGregor wants to open the sport up to more people, including women (who have never contested a chessboxing match before.)

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Would Mike Tyson actually have to learn how to play rudimentary chess?

/where’s Don King?