Last One Out The Infinity Ward Door Set The Claymores

Hee, hee, what a shame.

‘Infinity Ward as you know is dead,’ insider says

In the middle of all the employee drama, an insider working at the Infinity Ward studio has revealed that “Infinity Ward as you know it is dead…and it will continue to crumble. There are a lot more veterans who are definitely going to leave.”

According to this anonymous source, all this happened because Activision recently fired Infinity Ward’s two most talented developers Jason West and Vince Zampella responsible for blockbuster ‘Modern Warfare 2.’

On the issue of departure of employees from the studio at an alarming rate, the insider on condition of anonymity said, “They never saw this coming. They can’t believe what’s going on. At first they gave us some bullshit about moving up payments of all the money they owe us to sooner increments.

That was when [designer] Todd [Alderman] and [engineer] Frank [Gigliotti] left. But with the announcement of Respawn and all the people leaving, they just got their heads in their hands.”

Reportedly, Activision Blizzard is busy roping in fresh new talent to fill the void left by the departure of many senior employees. However, some experts believe that even then it’s a difficult task to finish the Modern Warfare 3 on time.

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Payback is a bitch. That’ll teach ’em to wreck my favorite game franchise.

/ding dong, the greedy bastards are dead

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  1. Well, it’s pretty sad they’re going through all the employee problems, I’m sure everyone just wants them to pull through with COD3 :(.

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