Obama And The Democrats Set Another Record!

And it’s a record that really sucks.

US budget deficit hits record in April

The US Treasury Department says that the federal budget deficit hit a record for the month of April, reaching nearly 83 billion dollars.

On Wednesday, the Treasury Department announced that the April deficit soared to $82.7 billion, the largest imbalance for that month on record.

That was significantly higher than last year’s April deficit of $20 billion and above the $30 billion deficit private economists had anticipated.

Revenues for April were down 7.9 percent from a year ago, dipping to $245.3 billion. That decline included a fall in individual income tax payments.

That reflected not only the impact of millions of people out of work but also tax relief provided through the economic stimulus program that Congress passed in February 2009.

The latest data brought the deficit for the first seven months of fiscal year 2010 to around 800 billion dollars.

The White House had warned that the deficit for fiscal year 2010 could go above one and a half trillion dollars.

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It’s especially pathetic when the totally out of control, Democrat Congress enabled Obama administration spending sets a budget deficit record in the month when the bulk of the yearly Federal tax receipts roll in!

/this isn’t Greece, is this Greece?

Don’t Go Takin’ My Cable Down

NOOO, you keep it away from my cable TV!

Rogue satellite could kill cable programming

An out-of-control satellite is drifting into the orbit of another satellite that transmits cable programming to the United States, the Associated Press is reporting.

According to the news service, a satellite known as Galaxy 15 broke contact with its owner, Intelsat on April 5. Although the exact cause is unknown, the satellite’s owners believe it could have been “knocked out by a solar storm.”

Normally, losing contact with a satellite wouldn’t be cause for much concern, since in most cases, satellites stop transmitting signals. But Intelsat has confirmed that Galaxy 15 is still transmitting signals to Earth and it’s slowly but surely entering the orbit of AMC 11, a satellite owned by SES World Skies, that handles U.S. cable programming.

Intelsat isn’t concerned that the two satellites will collide, but rather that Galaxy 15 could send signals that would interfere with AMC 11’s signals. The interference is expected to occur on or around May 23, according to the AP.

Between now and then, Intelsat is working diligently to regain control over Galaxy 15 and keep it away from AMC 11. An Intelsat representative told the news service that the company is “confident that service disruptions will be minimized or avoided.”

The risks of not succeeding are high. According to the AP, “AMC 11 receives digital programming from cable television channels and transmits it to all U.S. cable systems.”

Comcast, which has more than 23 million cable subscribers, did not immediately respond to request for comment on whether or not its service will be disrupted in the event of an interference issue.

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You know, for what I pay for cable each month, they ought to be able to retask the space shuttle that’s scheduled for launch Friday and use it to go and retrieve this problem satellite

/thou shalt not interfere with my cable television!