My Brush With Sharia

So I went to the liquor store today, to stock up for tonight’s start of the NFL season. By the way, Go Vikings, just keep Prince locked in the closet this year.

Anyway, I board the bus for the trip home, hit my fare card, and the Somali bus driver tells me I can’t bring my packaged, unopened beer on his bus. After I sat down he refused to move and threatened to call his supervisor. After about a minute’s worth of standoff in which I twice told him to call his supervisor, he finally gave up and drove on. Score one for the unclean infidel who doesn’t use his left hand as toilet paper. Unreal, creeping Sharia, this crap has been going on with cabs at the MSP airport for a couple years, but now it’s apparently spread to the MTC bus system. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.

/as soon as I got home, I called his supervisor and reported his little Muslim ass and, as a bonus, now he’s going to burn in Hell for letting me ride his bus with my haram beer, so there’s that

9 Responses

  1. Awesome – People need to realize that when acting as a bus driver or a cabbie or whatever, they need to leave their religion at home, or they can go elsewhere, where people will gladly tolerate it.

  2. Not quite Rosa Parks.

    /but the right thing to do

  3. Find out this guy’s route and see if it goes by a barbecue place. Get several people all carrying take-out pork. And beer.

  4. good for you….. get a hidden camera and run a sting on his ass.

  5. You stood up to him.

    I wonder how many people did not?

    • I wasn’t about to wait a half hour for the next bus. He could have called the police and it wouldn’t have taken that long.

      /but yeah, I’m a lawyer, not easily intimidated, and I know my rights, how many other people has he kicked off his bus that didn’t complain?

  6. Nicely done, Killian, especially the calling of his supervisor – that was sorta the cherry on top!!

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