Bogus Obama Math

Listen carefully.

Did you hear that Obama administration talking point? We can’t afford the $700 billion to extend the Bush tax cuts for the “wealthiest Americans”. But we really want to extend the “middle class” tax cuts.

Let’s do some math.

Bush tax cuts: What you need to know

What’s at stake for the deficit?

Treasury estimates the costs of making the tax cuts permanent for everyone is $3.7 trillion over 10 years.

Of that, $3 trillion accounts for the cost of extending them for the vast majority of Americans, as the president has proposed. The remaining $700 billion is the cost of extending them permanently for the high-income earners.

Um, so, we can afford $3 trillion, but not $3.7 trillion, according to Obama math. If we can’t afford the $700 billion for the tax cuts for the “rich” in the first place, where is Obama going to come up with the $3 trillion for the “middle class” tax cuts he loves so much and why is no one asking this question? What bull[expletive deleted]!

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Obama is such a dishonest douche bag. He has no problem borrowing $3 trillion to play political class warfare ahead of the midterm election, but then he can’t seem to borrow the extra $700 billion to extend the tax cuts to those evil “rich” people, you know, the people who actually create most of the jobs in our economy.

/it’s real simple, with the country already over $14 trillion in debt, either we can afford all the tax cut extensions or we can’t afford any of them

One Response

  1. I would like to see your math. Because you are a liar!!! A big Phat LIAR, just like 99% of all republicans, or as I now call your party, “Re-Pukes”. Because all you all do is puke up all the same old slogans, drivilal, and garbage. The numbers are as follows, and I am not like you, a normal re-puke, a LIAR!!! It is 3.1 Trillion=(Tr) dollars for the middle class tax CUTs over ten years. How much money does it cost, or I should say how much would we have to BORROW to fund tax breaks for the richest 2% of Americans OVER the Same TEN=10 year period, thats right 10 years, not one year as you gave numbers for??????

    I will tell you how much it will cost your kids, my kids, our grand kids, and our great grand kids. It is almost 5Tr dollars, OVER that same ten year period, you were just adding one, (1) single year, you Re-Puke LIAR!!!! I guess I should not blame you, you just can’t help it, you were told to say this, and like a good little trooper you did as you were told…….. When it comes to politics, you are a sheep, a non-thinking non-independent animal. What is it your boss (rush limbough) calls you all, dito heads, or something to that effect. Please excuse me if I got it wrong, I am new to computers. I am an old retired fart who still likes his news delivered in the form of a daily newspaper. Reading the paper online is not easy due to the small print.

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