Do You Know What Day Is It?

You know damn well what day it is, it’s Microsoft Patch Tuesday!

Microsoft Plugs 22 Security Vulnerabilities on Patch Tuesday

Microsoft plugged 22 security holes today in the second Patch Tuesday of the year.

The fixes are included in 12 security bulletins spanning Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office and IIS. Three of the bulletins are rated “critical” while the other nine are considered “important.”

Within the critical bulletins are fixes for a bug in the Windows Graphics Rendering Engine Microsoft warned users about in January, as well as a vulnerability in IE (Internet Explorer) resulting from the creation of uninitialized memory during a CSS (cascading style sheet) function within IE. The company issued the advisory for the IE flaw in December, and has seen limited, targeted attacks focused on the vulnerability.

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Windows Update

Who Nellie, that’s a whole lot of patch! And, as usual, it doesn’t even correct all the problems with the software.

/so, until next time, happy patching!

2 Responses

  1. Well this beats me Killian – I don’t allow auto updates for downloading or installing. I get notices on Windows Update as to which updates are available and pick and choose what I want to download and install, ever since I installed Service Pak 2 (on Vista) and it installed IE 8 which I loathe.
    Took a LONG time for a non-techie like me to get back to IE 7.
    I just checked my Windows Update and it still wants me to download service pack 2 – with IE8 but that’s all.
    I even ran an “check for updates” and it’s already Wednesday here on the East Coast!
    Any ideas (other than I’m a tech tard or something)?

  2. Update I finally got 8 updates today (Wed Feb 9th – and they must have been released either over time or sometime after 8:00PM Pacific Time.
    Off to down load and install them now. Thank you SO MUCH for the heads up!!

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