Weekly Watch List

LQDT (12/25/11, +0.00%)
MA (9/24/11, +12.20%)
ULTA (11/13/11, -8.42%)
ALXN (7/24/11, +17.12%)
GOLD (12/11/11, -3.80%)
DLTR (9/4/11, +16.92%)
DG (9/4/11, +14.31%)
HANS (10/16/11, +0.60%)
NUS (8/28/11, +22.64%)
AUY (12/25/11, +0.00%)
TJX (11/27/11, +11.17%)
TSCO (12/04/11, -4.08%)
VRSK (12/18/11, +0.58%)
CXO (12/04/11, -8.82%)
RGLD (10/30/11, -3.83%)
AAP (12/11/11, -0.04%)

AUY (12/25/11, +0.00%)
LQDT (12/25/11, +0.00%)

RL (11/27/11, +0.36%)

Last week, all the major U.S. indexes moved higher. The NYSE composite jumped 3.9%, the S&P 500 gained 3.7%, the Dow added 3.6% and the Nasdaq moved up 2.5%. Although it would have been nice to see it occur on higher volume, Tuesday was a follow through day and changed the IBD outlook to “confirmed uptrend”. It’s safe to make new purchases again.

This week, five watch list stocks are at or near proper buy points. LQDT, trading at $36.03, broke out of a late stage cup base and has settled just below a $36.22 buy point. MA, trading at $378.15, is still within 5% of a $362.04 buy point. ALXN, trading at $69.08, is forming a flat base with potential buy point of $70.42. DLTR, trading at $83.26, is in a four weeks tight pattern with a potential buy point of $84.09. DG, trading at $41.22, is just past a $40.81 buy point off a flat base.

/as usual, your mileage may vary, always do your own homework

That Didn’t Take Long

U.S. troops have been out of Iraq for what, less than a day now?

Iraq issues arrest warrant for vice president Hashemi

Iraq has issued an arrest warrant for Sunni Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, a senior security official said on Monday, after the government obtained confessions linking him to what the official described as terrorist activities.

Interior Ministry spokesman, Major General Adel Daham, told a news conference that confessions by suspects identified as Hashemi’s bodyguards linked the vice president to suspected killings and attacks.

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It’s painfully clear what’s going on here. With the U.S. military now out of the way, the Shia led Iraqi government, backed by Iran, is wasting no time flexing its muscle and settling old scores against the Iraqi Sunni minority. Can you say looming civil war?

/and now we’ve pretty much given up our ability to effectively intervene militarily in Iraq, leaving Iran as the only regional military power capable of “riding to the rescue” of the Iraqi government, who just happen to be Iranian puppets anyway

Weekly Watch List

ULTA (11/13/11, -7.38%)
ALXN (7/24/11, +12.53%)
MA (9/24/11, +7.46%)
GOLD (12/11/11, -6.18%)
DLTR (9/4/11, +16.30%)
HANS (10/16/11, +1.61%)
DG (9/4/11, +13.75%)
TSCO (12/04/11, -1.57%)
NUS (8/28/11, +22.25%)
RGLD (10/30/11, -3.61%)
TJX (11/27/11, +5.77%)
VRSK (12/18/11, +0.00%)
AAP (12/11/11, -3.24%)
CXO (12/04/11, -9.15%)
RL (11/27/11, +0.24%)

VRSK (12/18/11, +0.00%)

DECK (11/27/11, +6.60%)

Last week, all the major U.S. indexes moved lower. The Dow lost 2.6%, the S&P 500 gave up 2.8%, the Nasdaq moved down 3.5%, and the NYSE composite dropped 3.6%. The IBD outlook remains at “market in correction”. It looks like Europe has mugged Santa and stolen his rally. Raise cash and continue to play defense.

With the market in correction, none of the watch list stocks can be considered as buy candidates.

/as usual, your mileage may vary, always do your own homework

Tuesday Fun With Microsoft

The new patches are here, the new patches are here!

Microsoft Patches 17 Bugs in December Patch Tuesday

Microsoft fixed 17 bugs in the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer. The fixes also cover a zero-day flaw exploited by the Duqu Trojan.

Microsoft released 13 security bulletins to fix 17 different vulnerabilities as part of its December Patch Tuesday update, according to the advisory released Dec. 8. Three bulletins were marked critical and the remaining 10 were rated important.

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No BEAST fix from Microsoft in December patch batch
Microsoft fixes Duqu hole, but not BEAST problem
Microsoft scratches BEAST patch at last minute, but fixes Duqu bug
December Patch Tuesday Fixes Duqu Worm
‘Duqu’ zero-day Windows flaw patched this week
Microsoft: Duqu patched, bringing years total to 99 corrections

Well, it’s a good thing that Microsoft finally patched against the Duqu virus, better late than never, as they say. What are you waiting for? Start installing your gifts!

/at least you can’t say Microsoft didn’t get you anything for the Holidays

Weekly Watch List

ULTA (11/13/11, +2.36%)
MA (9/24/11, +11.98%)
ALXN (7/24/11, +10.31%)
GOLD (12/11/11, +0.00%)
DLTR (9/4/11, +15.92%)
RGLD (10/30/11, +8.49%)
TSCO (12/04/11, +1.74%)
HANS (10/16/11, +2.94%)
CXO (12/04/11, -2.25%)
DG (9/4/11, +12.15%)
NUS (8/28/11, +27.16%)
TJX (11/27/11, +7.66%)
RL (11/27/11, +6.04%)
DECK (11/27/11, +6.60%)
AAP (12/11/11, +0.00%)

AAP (12/11/11, +0.00%)
GOLD (12/11/11, +0.00%)

LULU (11/27/11, +3.33%)
SPRD (11/27/11, -5.10%)
VRSK (11/27/11, +4.74%)

Last week, the major U.S. indexes were volatile, but finished slightly higher. The Dow gained 1.4%, the S&P 500 moved up 0.9%, the Nasdaq gained 0.8%, and the NYSE composite tacked on 0.7%. The IBD outlook remains at “market in correction”. They put a patch on Europe, but they didn’t fix it. The markets could easily go either way in a hurry here. Keep your powder dry, protect any gains and cut losses short. Don’t make any new purchases unless Santa shows up with a confirmed rally, an approximate 2% session gain on one or more of the major indexes, on volume greater than the day before.

With the market in correction, none of the watch list stocks can be considered as buy candidates.

/as usual, your mileage may vary, always do your own homework

Romulans Uncloaked?

Whatever it is, it’s rather large and doesn’t appear until hit by the solar flare.

An alien spacecraft parked next to Mercury?

A giant object the size of a planet that appeared lurking near Mercury in a NASA footage has caught the attention of alien-hunters who say it could be a “cloaked” spaceship parked near the planet.

The object appears from nowhere in a sequence of images of a coronal ejection from the Sun taken by NASA’s STEREO spacecraft.

In the footage, one sees a huge spurt of plasma and other solar ejecta washing over Mercury; peculiarly, the material seems to flare up as it hits another nearby object, too.

“It’s cylindrical on either side and has a shape in the middle. It definitely looks like a ship to me, and very obviously, it’s cloaked,” YouTube-user siniXster said in his commentary on the footage which has gone viral and been viewed by more than 100,000 users on the video-sharing site.

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Oh sure, the “experts” will tell you that it’s a video artifact, a ghost image of Mercury’s position from the previous day. But who are you going to believe, the “experts” or your own lying eyes? If the “experts” knew it was a gigantic, cloaked Romulan spaceship, do you think they’d tell you and cause mass societal panic? I don’t think so.

/remember, The Truth Is Out There, Trust No One

Operation AI

It was seventy years ago today . . .

Nation pauses to remember Pearl Harbor

Survivors of the surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor gathered Wednesday to remember the 2,400 people who lost their lives exactly 70 years ago.

“Just as every day and unlike any other day, we stop and stand fast in memory of our heroes of Pearl Harbor and the Second World War,” Rear Adm. Frank Ponds, commander for Navy region Hawaii, told the gathering.

U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus took note of the devastating legacy of the two-hour attack on Pearl Harbor 70 years ago.

“The history of December 7, 1941, is indelibly imprinted on the memory of every American who was alive that day. But it bears repeating on every anniversary, so that every subsequent generation will know what happened here today and never forget,” Mabus said.

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Never forget.

/and more importantly, never let it happen again