Weekly Watch List

ALXN (7/24/11, +44.56%)
ULTA (11/13/11, +17.69%)
LQDT (12/25/11, +20.04%)
MA (9/24/11, +22.48%)
NUS (8/28/11, +47.96%)
MNST (10/16/11, +24.18%)
DLTR (9/4/11, +27.26%)
TJX (2/12/12, +7.92%)
GOLD (2/26/12, -1.48%)
CATM (3/4/12, +0.00%)
DG (3/4/12, +0.00%)
GWW (1/15/12, +5.80%)

CATM (3/4/12, +0.00%)
DG (3/4/12, +0.00%)

CXO (1/29/12, +0.27%)
FIRE (2/26/12, +1.05%)
GNC (2/19/12, -0.25%)
HMSY (2/26/12, -8.03%)

Last week, the major U.S. indexes ended mixed. The Nasdaq gained 0.4%, the S&P 500 added 0.3%, the Dow was flat, and the NYSE composite dropped 0.3%. The IBD outlook remains at “confirmed uptrend”. Distribution showed up across the board again on Wednesday but it was offset by some past distribution days becoming irrelevant due to the passage of time. All in all, the markets pretty much tread water, possibly signaling that the Bulls might need to rest a bit. This week, barring any surprises, expect the markets to trade sideways, with everyone keeping their powder dry leading up to Friday’s employment situation report which, given the current political climate, could prove to manifest cosmic significance.

This week, almost all watch list stocks are now overextended from proper buy points, except for two. DLTR, trading at $90.62, is still within 5% of a $86.74 buy point off of a three weeks tight pattern. DG, trading at $42.77, is still within 5% of a $42.20 buy point, working from a 2nd stage flat base, although accumulation on volume has been lacking.

/as usual, your mileage may vary, always do your own homework


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