Weekly Watch List

DDD (10/28/12, +4.78%)
FLT (11/25/12, +0.93%)
LMCA (11/12/12, +3.74%)
PII (9/23/12, +3.93%)
MA (10/14/12, +3.24%)
VAL (7/01/12, +19.60%)
EBAY (12/02/12, +0.00%)
SNI (11/18/12, -0.02%)
JAH (9/9/12, +4.92%)

EBAY (12/02/12, +0.00%)

TDG (9/9/12, -7.75%)

Last week, all the major U.S. indexes moved modestly higher. The NASDAQ gained 1.5%, the S&P 500 added 0.5%, the NYSE composite tacked on 0.4%, and the Dow ticked up 0.1%. The IBD outlook remains at “confirmed uptrend”. Although IBD’s tenuous uptrend call held, the uptrend picked up some early distribution and, so far, doesn’t appear to be particularly robust. Investors seem to be in wait and see mode as the looming U.S. “fiscal cliff” debacle continues to defy any hint of rational political resolution. Whether or not this “crisis” is resolved will most likely result in a binary market event, with a significant move on volume in either direction, gapping up on a deal and cratering on failure. Which outcome will occur is anyone’s guess. That said, since an uptrend is technically underway, it’s time to dip your toes in the water, but probably not prudent to wade all the way out into the middle of the stream, given the current state of near term uncertainty.

This week four watch list stocks are at or near proper buy points. DDD, trading at $44.71, is sitting just below a $44.90 buy point on a 3rd stage cup base. LMCA, trading at $109.99, found good volume support at its ten week line and is in buy range up to $121.90. MA, trading at $488.68, broke out of a 3rd stage flat base on base pattern and is still within 5% of a $486.16 buy point. EBAY, trading at $52.82, broke out of a 2nd stage flat base and is still barely within 5% of a $51.04 buy point.

/as usual, your mileage may vary, always do your own homework


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