No Vacancy At The Internet

The Internet is full, there’s no more room. Go away, find something else to do.

Last of Current Internet Addresses Doled Out to Distributors

It is official: the Internet finally has run out of addresses—sort of.

On Thursday morning, the organization that oversees Internet protocol addresses–sets of digits that help direct online traffic–doled out the last remaining batches of numbers under the current addressing system.

Internet experts hailed the event as a milestone in the evolution of the Web, one that will eventually require changes on the part of some companies and users. But it did not come as a surprise.

More than a decade ago, the Internet’s founding fathers realized that the roughly 4.3 billion addresses under the current system, known as IP version four, eventually would be exhausted. They created a new scheme with a practically unlimited number of addresses, dubbed IP version six, which is expected to succeed the original naming scheme.

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Okay, so the good news is that there’s already a new protocol for Internet addresses that will provide a practically limitless new supply. The bad news is, if your modem, router, operating system, or other Internet connection hardware or software is older, it might not be compatible with the new addressing system and you won’t be able to connect to the new web addresses.

/the moral of this story; if you’re buying any new or, especially, used hardware or software that connects to the Internet, make damn sure that it’s IPv6 compatible, you’ve been warned