Bill Turns Five

Happy 5th Birthday Bill!




Since last year, Bob has passed on at age 16, but Obama, the cat, has joined us. Obama’s a purebred Exotic and was born sometime in 2008, so I suppose he’s five too. He won’t sit still for photographs, but I did manage to get two somewhat useable photos, one by hold him and the other using the zoom.



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Happy Birthday Bill!

/so, until next year, hopefully we’ll all be back

Bill Turns Four

Happy birthday Bill! Four years and 15 pounds later . . .

Photographing cats is hard. They just will not cooperate.

And this is Bob, 55 shots and not a one with his eyes open.

So I had to turn off the flash to catch vampire kitty with his eyes open and then manipulate the photo brightness. No one knows Bob’s birthday or exactly how old he is, but it’s somewhere north of 15.

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Happy Birthday Bill!

At least Bill seems to have stopped growing, which is good because he’s already the size of a small dog.

/so, until next year, hopefully we’ll all be back

The Sugar Coated Satan Sandwich

Who said Democrats don’t have a sense of humor?

Dem. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Calls Compromise Bill ‘Satan Sandwich’

Not everyone is happy about the compromise bill that will raise the debt ceiling. Democrat Representative Emanuel Cleaver of Kansas City had strong words about it over the weekend, calling it a “sugar coated Satan sandwich.”

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Well, to me, the debt ceiling deal looks like a big [expletive deleted] sandwich and we’re all going to have to take a bite. But hey, if liberals are whining like crybabies about it, there’s got to be a pony in there somewhere.

/at least it’s a start and, oh look, Obama runs out of money all over again on 9/30/11

What Was The [Expletive Deleted] Point?

First they promised to cut $100 billion, then said what they really meant was that they’d hold out indefinitely for $60 billion, then they totally caved in to the Democrats, compromising on $38 billion, and in the end all we got was a lousy $352 million in cuts. What a gyp, shame on the spineless Republicans.

Budget deal: CBO analysis shows initial spending cuts less than expected

A federal budget compromise that was hailed as historic for proposing to cut about $38 billion would reduce federal spending by only $352 million this fiscal year, less than 1 percent of the bill’s advertised amount, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Although that analysis dampened enthusiasm for the deal among many Republicans on Thursday, the House and the Senate approved the measure with bipartisan support. President Obama is expected to sign the bill Friday, officially ending the prospect of a government shutdown.

The findings from the budget office warned that the deal may never come close to delivering on its promises. The analysis found that $13 billion to $18 billion of the cuts involve money that existed only on paper and was unlikely to ever be tapped.

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This is insane, the United States is $14 trillion in debt, the world bond markets could decide to cut up our national credit card at any given moment, the laws of mathematics dictate that the American economy will completely collapse by 2037, and these congressional buffoons spent the entire last month arguing over cutting $352 million?

The 2012 elections can’t come fast enough. We need to start with a new President and Republicans taking control of the Senate and keeping control of the House. It’s apparent that one party rule, with a party that’s serious about restoring fiscal sanity (and that ain’t the Democrats), is going to be required to stop this country from careening off the cliff of financial ruin.

/and, if that doesn’t work, we’ll have to get us some new Republicans starting in 2014

Bill Turns Three

He’s 3/4 Exotic (grandpa jumped over the fence). Hopefully, he’ll leave his “terrible twos” behind and mellow out a bit.

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Happy Birthday Bill!

Oh, and this is Bob, he’s a purebred Exotic. No one knows what his birthday is or exactly how old he is, but he’s at least 13 and probably closer to 15. I took over a hundred shots today and couldn’t get one with his eyes open.

I’m not sure what his problem was, it’s not like he hasn’t had his picture taken before.

Anyway, happy birthday Bill!

/and Bob too, whenever it is and however old you are

Bill Turns Two Today!

Bill officially enters cat adulthood.

He’s grown quite a bit in the last two years, he used to fit on the mousepad with room to spare. Now, not so much.

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Happy Birthday Bill!

/happy birthday Bill!

Make Your Own Pet Water Bubbler UPDATE

Last week I posted about making your own pet water bubbler. It’s still a great concept and working well, rinse the nuts and take a paper towel to the air tubing every once in a while and it’s good to go. However, if you’re an intrepid juvenile cat product tester like Bill, with nothing but all the time in the world on your paws, the air tubing looks like just another toy that must be removed from the water bowl and played with.

So, the system is in need of an upgrade. Besides the cheap aquarium pump, aquarium tubing, and stainless steel nuts, you’re going to need two more things that are virtually free, a rubber band and a twist tie.

Secure the rubber band around the perimeter of the water bowl, near the rim, It needs to be tight to keep the pet from dislodging it. Next, take a twist tie and twist it securely around the air tubing at the approximate place the tubing intersects the rim of the water bowl, Finally, loop the ends of the twist tie between the bowl and rubber band and back around the air tube, thus, for the most part, fixing it in place. Problem mostly solved. It’s still easy for anyone with opposable thumbs to disengage and replace the rubber band/twist tie/air tube apparatus to clean the water bowl, but it’s pretty difficult for cats. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible for a cat to defeat this system, but so far it’s slowed him down real good.

/it’s a test of wills and I WILL win

Make Your Own Pet Water Bubbler


Before Bill arrived I sprang for a couple bubblers. Awesome concept, the cats really dig the bubbling action, but the bubblers were made of questionable plastic and were an absolute bitch to clean. So, what I wanted to do was switch back to easily cleanable ceramic bowls AND keep the bubbling effect, which is basically an aquarium pump and aquarium tubing.

So, I went to the hardware store with a sample of the air hose and bought six snug fitting stainless steel nuts for a total of $1.93, tax included. I worked three on the end of each air hose and plunked them down on the side of the ceramic cat water bowls. Voila, I instantly had two aerator/bubbler cat water bowls without the questionable $55 worth of possibly leaching plastic parts that you couldn’t thoroughly clean in a half hour. Now, although the ceramic bowls need filling more often because there’s no reservoir, cleaning is a snap, I just pull the unattached hose out, take 30 seconds to clean the bowl, refill, and drop the hose back in. The cats are happy, I’m happy, and the nasty plastic parts are in the trash.

/of course, you don’t need to start with the $28.50 bubbler, besides the stainless steel nuts, all you need is a cheap aquarium air pump and some standard aquarium air tubing

Happy Birthday Bill!

Bill turns one today and graduates from kitten to juvenile cat. A look back . . .


/today he’ll get to eat real chicken (shared with Bob) and won’t get yelled at when he inevitably misbehaves