Bill Turns Five

Happy 5th Birthday Bill!




Since last year, Bob has passed on at age 16, but Obama, the cat, has joined us. Obama’s a purebred Exotic and was born sometime in 2008, so I suppose he’s five too. He won’t sit still for photographs, but I did manage to get two somewhat useable photos, one by hold him and the other using the zoom.



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Happy Birthday Bill!

/so, until next year, hopefully we’ll all be back

Bill Turns Four

Happy birthday Bill! Four years and 15 pounds later . . .

Photographing cats is hard. They just will not cooperate.

And this is Bob, 55 shots and not a one with his eyes open.

So I had to turn off the flash to catch vampire kitty with his eyes open and then manipulate the photo brightness. No one knows Bob’s birthday or exactly how old he is, but it’s somewhere north of 15.

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Happy Birthday Bill!

At least Bill seems to have stopped growing, which is good because he’s already the size of a small dog.

/so, until next year, hopefully we’ll all be back

Bill Turns Three

He’s 3/4 Exotic (grandpa jumped over the fence). Hopefully, he’ll leave his “terrible twos” behind and mellow out a bit.

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Happy Birthday Bill!

Oh, and this is Bob, he’s a purebred Exotic. No one knows what his birthday is or exactly how old he is, but he’s at least 13 and probably closer to 15. I took over a hundred shots today and couldn’t get one with his eyes open.

I’m not sure what his problem was, it’s not like he hasn’t had his picture taken before.

Anyway, happy birthday Bill!

/and Bob too, whenever it is and however old you are

World Record Cat Noise

How’d you like to have to listen to this all day? I shudder to think what it might sound like if you accidentally stepped on its tail.

Smokey the loud purring cat aims for Guinness World Record

Smokey’s owner Ruth Adams hopes the moggy can be entered into the record books as the loudest purring domestic cat on the planet.

The 12-year-old moggy is 16 times louder than the average cat when she purrs, reaching 73 decibels.

‘Guinness has very strict criteria,’ said Mrs Adams, from Northampton, who enlisted specialist help from her local college for the record attempt.

. . .

The record attempt took place in Mrs Adam’s house and Smokey was recorded with equipment usually used by music professionals.

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Me, I like my cats nice and quiet.

/that’s why I own Exotics

Bill Turns Two Today!

Bill officially enters cat adulthood.

He’s grown quite a bit in the last two years, he used to fit on the mousepad with room to spare. Now, not so much.

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Happy Birthday Bill!

/happy birthday Bill!

Happy Thanksgiving!

/keep your turkey close, your football and adult beverages closer

Happy Birthday Bill!

Bill turns one today and graduates from kitten to juvenile cat. A look back . . .


/today he’ll get to eat real chicken (shared with Bob) and won’t get yelled at when he inevitably misbehaves