A Possible Ray of Hope

Report: Shalit deal may be reached by Tuesday

Turkish news channel CNN Turk reported on Friday that a deal to secure the release of abducted Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit may be reached by Tuesday.

The TV channel said that Turkish officials were currently holding talks on the issue with Hamas officials in Damascus, the base of the Islamist militant group’s political leadership.

Reuters Friday quoted a Palestinian official as saying that Turkey and Qatar have taken a lead role in the negotiations over Shalit in recent months.

The CNN Turk report came after Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Friday said that Israel’s leadership was making “supreme” efforts to bring Shalit back home.

“Supreme efforts are being made in order to hurry the moment when Gilad Shalit will come home,” Barak told Channel 1. “We know that he is well, alive, breathing and okay, but we need to bring him here from there.”

If true, this would obviously be extremely good news!

/however, since Hamas never negotiates in good faith, it’s not over until Shalit is back on Israeli soil

They Can Even Dig it Themselves, They Love Tunneling

Barak: Link Gaza, W. Bank with tunnel

The best way to achieve territorial continuity between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank is by digging a tunnel that would connect the two areas, Defense Minister and Labor party head Ehud Barak said on Monday.

Speaking at an elections rally at Beersheba’s Ben Gurion University, Barak explained that the tunnel would be 48 kilometers long and cost US$2-3 billion. “Palestinians would have unlimited access to the tunnel, and would be able to travel it undisturbed,” he added.

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/Hamas roaming free in a 30 mile tunnel under Israeli territory, what could possibly go wrong?


Didn’t I say they love tunneling?

Gaza tunnels: “we smuggle everything – except weapons”

Many of the daily goods in Gaza’s market arrive via these tunnels, whose openings emerge into little outhouses or discreet courtyards.

‘In this neighbourhood nearly everyone operates a tunnel,’ explains Al-Hajj Fadhel, whose four wives and numerous offspring live in a two-room house.

‘We smuggle anything we can sell – everything except weapons,’ he says proudly. ‘Through these tunnels come chewing gum and biscuits for Palestinian children, plus nappies, chickpeas and tinned foods.’

/you see, the Good Fairy delivers the weapons