Another Day, Another Homegrown Jihadi

Muslim problem, what Muslim problem? What other religion in this country cultivates a steady stream of adherents that regularly plot and attempt to carry out mass casualty attacks against their fellow Americans? We’re just lucky that most of them haven’t been successful.

Alleged would be terrorist thwarted at every turn

Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, according to the FBI, traveled the world in search of jihad. But Pakistan turned him away, and Jordan did too. He tried to get into Somalia, but U.S. authorities placed him on the no-fly list. An American citizen, he visited an army recruiting station in New York’s Times Square hoping to be sent to Iraq; they did not want him either.

So, the FBI said, the 21-year-old born and raised in New York created websites and posted threats of radical Islamic violence, including one from another American expatriate, Anwar al Awlaki. Then Shehadeh flew to Hawaii and allegedly started taking target practice.

FBI agents said he wanted to join a jihadist group to learn “guerilla warfare and bomb-making.” Had he been welcomed into the U.S. army, they said, his plan was to defect in Iraq and turn against his comrades.

Shehadeh’s journeys ended last Friday. He was arrested in Honolulu and accused in a federal criminal complaint, unsealed Monday, of making false statements in an international terrorism case.

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What amazes me, is that the FBI catches so many of them, although they don’t catch them all and lately we’ve just gotten lucky on more than one occasion.

/oh, and there’s absolutely no reason to be the least bit nervous about Muslims on airplanes, after all, it’s been almost a whole year now since one of them tried to ignite explosives in his underwear and bring down a passenger aircraft over a major city

Free At Last

Navy frees stuck warship off coast of Honolulu

The Navy on Monday freed the $1 billion guided missile cruiser that had been stuck for more than three days since it ran aground close to the coast of Honolulu.

The USS Port Royal was pulled off a rock and sand shoal at around 2 a.m. after crews removed about 500 tons of water and 100 tons of anchors and other equipment to lighten the vessel, the Navy said in a statement.

The removal by a salvage ship and seven tug boats took about 40 minutes.

No one was injured during the recovery effort, said Rear Adm. Joe Walsh, the U.S. Pacific Fleet deputy commander.

The area was to be examined to determine if the ship leaked any fuel, said Coast Guard Capt. Barry Compagnoni.

The Port Royal was being towed to Naval Station Pearl Harbor for inspection.

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Port Royal’s props, sonar bulb damaged in grounding

The USS Port Royal sheared off the blades of its two propellers, damaged the sonar bulb that extends from its bow and left its anchors, anchor chains and other debris on the ocean floor during the nearly five days it was stuck on a rock and sand ledge just off Honolulu Airport’s Reef Runway, the Navy said today.

The $1 billion, guided missile cruiser sat at Pearl Harbor’s Mike 3 pier this afternoon as Navy divers ran a remotely operated vehicle underneath it looking for possible other damage.

The Port Royal had just spent four months in drydock when it ran aground in 17 to 22 feet of water Thursday night following its first day of sea trials.

It will return to drydock at the end of this week for repairs, said Rear Adm. Joseph A. Walsh, deputy commander and chief of staff of the Pacific Fleet.

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USS Port Royal Commander Relieved of Duties

The commanding officer of the USS Port Royal has been temporarily relieved of his duties, four days after the missile cruiser ran aground offshore of the Honolulu Airport.

Captain John Carroll will be off that duty during the investigation to determine the cause of the grounding.

Carroll took command of the USS Port Royal last October.

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/thank God Almighty, it’s free at last


Navy hopes high tide will help free grounded warship

One of the biggest and most technologically advanced warships based at Pearl Harbor remained aground today in 17 to 22 feet of water a half-mile off Honolulu International Airport’s Reef Runway.

No one was injured in the incident, which was reported around 9 last night, the Navy said.

Navy tugs tried early in the morning to nudge the 9,600-ton and 567-foot guided missile cruiser USS Port Royal off the sandy bottom, but were unsuccessful, officials said.

Crew members on the Clean Islands, an oil recovery vessel that was positioned behind the Port Royal as a precaution, said the water was so shallow they could see the bottom.

The Navy said divers from Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit One from Pearl Harbor and the salvage ship USS Salvor would try to tow the warship.

Officials said the guided missile cruiser left port yesterday for several days of sea trials after leaving drydock about a month ago for routine maintenance. Shore-based Navy officials were being transferred to Hickam harbor by small boat when the grounding occurred, the Navy said.

Navy officials said a high tide that could float the cruiser off the bottom is expected at 2:45 a.m. tomorrow morning.

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/sucks to be Captain John Carroll right about now


Navy fails to free warship grounded at Hawaii

An attempt to pull a $1 billion warship free after it ran aground off the coast of Honolulu was unsuccessful Saturday, but the Navy planned to try again after lightening the vessel’s weight.

Navy tugboats and a salvage ship, the USS Salvor, tried to tow out the USS Port Royal at high tide early Saturday, but the guided missile cruiser remained stuck on the sandy, rocky bottom, said Pacific Fleet spokeswoman Agnes T. Tanyan.

Navy officials now plan to remove the ship’s fuel and water supplies in an effort to lighten the vessel and make it easier to refloat, she said.

/she must have been moving at speed to get this stuck, heads will definitely roll