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Lawyer: Religion not an issue in NY beheading case

A Muslim-American television executive accused of decapitating his wife remained jailed without bail Wednesday as his lawyer dismissed suggestions that culture played a role in the crime.

Muzzammil “Mo” Hassan, 44, appeared subdued during a brief appearance Wednesday in Orchard Park Village Court, where his lawyer waived his right to a felony hearing.

The beheaded body of Aasiya Hassan, 37, was found last week at the offices of Bridges TV, the Muslim-American television network the couple started to promote understanding between cultures. Hassan was arrested after walking into the police station in this Buffalo suburb Feb. 12 and telling officers his wife was dead.

Orchard Park Police Chief Andrew Benz said his officers had responded to domestic incidents involving the couple in the past. Aasiya Hassan had her husband served with divorce papers a week before her death.

“Culture, religion doesn’t play a role,” said defense attorney James Harrington, reacting to speculation that the crime may have been an “honor killing.” Experts say such killings are still accepted among fanatical Muslim men, including in the couple’s native Pakistan, who feel betrayed by their wives.

“It’s not an issue in this case,” said Harrington, who described the burly businessman as almost in shock.

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Let’s recap, honor killing is common in the Muslim world, even publicly endorsed in the couple’s native Pakistan, and beheadings are also common in Islam, in fact, almost unique to Islam in today’s day and age. So, we’re supposed to believe that this wasn’t an honor killing and that culture and religion didn’t play a role? I mean doesn’t everyone behead their spouse when they’re served with divorce papers?

/got any bridges for sale?