Flyin’ Fish Land Near Lake Michigan

I’m an expert carp fisherman, caught over a hundred of ’em in one day once. It’s the best, pound for pound, fishing you’ll ever experience, they fight like hell. But I must confess, I ain’t never seen or caught a carp that flies. However, they seem to be getting closer to where I live in Minnesota.

Asian carp found beyond Lake Michigan electric barrier

Wildlife officials in Illinois reported this week that a 20-pound bighead Asian carp has been caught just six miles from Lake Michigan. The fish was caught beyond an electric barrier designed to keep the species out of the Great Lakes.

According to Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) officials, the catch marks the first time an Asian carp has been found beyond the Calumet River electric barrier.

Wildlife officials have fighting the species from entering the Great Lakes for several years, as Asian carp pose serious threats to the ecosystem. Asian Carp are voracious eaters and can quickly change the scope of the Great Lakes underwater landscape. Able to eat their body weight in a day, Asian carp feed so rapidly, they could legitimately starve out populations of trout, whitefish and other commercially beneficial fish, DNR officials said.

Asian carp are also skittish fish and known to soar out of the water when startled. Several anglers have reported being injured by random carp darting through the air.

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Leave it to the liberal idiots at NPR to suggest that we can eat our way out of the problem.

/um, no thanks, you naive liberals go right ahead and eat ’em all up, I’ve seen enough carp up close to know that they ain’t good eatin’ by any stretch of the imagination

One Year Later

Rick Santelli is hardly a teabagger.

Why the Tea Party Movement Matters

If any one person is the founder, it’s Rick Santelli. A year ago, the CNBC commentator blew a gasket on the air over a plan by the Obama Administration to tackle the foreclosure crisis. Multibillion-dollar proposals were flying like snowflakes in Washington, and Santelli’s rant struck a chord with people who wondered where all the money would come from. “We’re thinking of having a Chicago Tea Party,” Santelli declared, evoking the 1773 protest in Boston Harbor. A movement was born. Egged on by conservative interest groups and leveraging Barack Obama’s digital-networking strategies, grass-roots opponents of the President’s agenda have made themselves a major factor in U.S. politics.

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Deride them as teabaggers at your own risk.

/whistle past the graveyard while you’re at it