Super Bill

Super Bill is in the Yahoo Winners 676001 League, a league where all the participants have previously won a Yahoo! public league. The results of the autodraft were . . .

Super Bill
1. (1) Arian Foster
(Hou – RB)
2. (20) Michael Vick
(Phi – QB)
3. (21) Maurice Jones-Drew
(Jac – RB)
4. (40) Brandon Lloyd
(Den – WR)
5. (41) Dez Bryant
(Dal – WR)
6. (60) Jeremy Maclin
(Phi – WR)
7. (61) Owen Daniels
(Hou – TE)
8. (80) San Diego
(SD – DEF)
9. (81) Nate Kaeding
(SD – K)
10. (100) BenJarvus Green-Ellis
(NE – RB)
11. (101) Eli Manning
(NYG – QB)
12. (120) Plaxico Burress
(NYJ – WR)
13. (121) Jordy Nelson
(GB – WR)
14. (140) Detroit
(Det – DEF)
15. (141) Visanthe Shiancoe
(Min – TE)

/Super Bill is ready for some football!

Super Bob

And the GFFL auction results are . . .

Super Bob
Budget $200
1. (9) Chris Johnson
(Ten – RB) $51
2. (14) Andre Johnson
(Hou – WR) $45
3. (23) Drew Brees
(NO – QB) $29
4. (24) LeSean McCoy
(Phi – RB) $48
5. (50) Jermichael Finley
(GB – TE) $9
6. (62) Garrett Hartley
(NO – K) $2
7. (79) Dallas Clark
(Ind – TE) $3
8. (83) Joe Flacco
(Bal – QB) $2
9. (109) Jonathan Stewart
(Car – RB) $3
10. (120) Beanie Wells
(Ari – RB) $2
11. (122) Lance Moore
(NO – WR) $2
12. (124) Steve Smith
(Car – WR) $1
13. (130) Dallas
(Dal – DEF) $1
14. (136) Terrell Owens
(Cin – WR) $1
15. (141) Mike Sims-Walker
(StL – WR) $1
Unused $0

/Super Bob is ready for some football!

Please Let This Be A Really Bad Dream

No, no, no, no, noooooooooooooooooo! Are you [expletive deleted] kidding me, after the Brett Favre fiasco?

Vikings might want to nab McNabb

The Vikings seem to have a strong interest in securing a veteran quarterback once the NFL lockout ends.

It also might be possible the Vikings and Redskins have had some conversations about a deal for 34-year-old quarterback Donovan McNabb, who definitely won’t be a member of his current team once play resumes.

Of course, no deals can be made while the lockout is in progress, but I don’t know if there is any rule against the clubs talking about making a deal.

One reason why McNabb might be the veteran quarterback the team will sign is because Vikings coach Leslie Frazier is personally familiar with McNabb. Frazier was a defensive assistant with the Eagles from 1999 to 2002, when McNabb was in his prime.

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This is unbelievable, do the Vikings ever want to win a Super Bowl? An ancient Brett Favre couldn’t get us there, what makes anyone in their right mind think a geriatric Donovan McNabb can get it done? He couldn’t win a Super Bowl in Philadelphia, in his prime, and now he’s 34 and all but washed up! Why the [expletive deleted] do we have to keep trading for QB leftovers, why can’t we draft a QB for the future? Why do the Vikings insist on disappointing their fans and breaking their hearts year in and year out?

/is it wrong to root for the NFL lockout to continue?

How Strange Can It Get?

Just when you thought NFL playoff football couldn’t get any weirder.

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And if that’s not bizarre enough for you, aparently Brett Favre is a big American Idol fan.

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Let us pray.

Our Favre-ther who art in Minnesota, hallowed be thy name.
Thy bowl will come, it will be won, In Miami as it is in the Dome.
Give us this Sunday, Our weekly win.
Give us touchdown passes, but do not let others pass against us.
Lead us not into frustration, but deliver us to the Super Bowl.
For thine is the MVP, the …best of the NFC, and the glory of the Purple People Eaters now and forever.

Is there a football game somewhere amid all this insanity?

/Go Vikings, stomp the ‘Aints! Brees on the ground, Brees on the ground . . .

Just Build The Damn Stadium!

We’ve already built partially taxpayer funded arenas/stadiums for the Wild, the Twins, the Gophers and now it’s the Vikings’ turn. The Vikings’ Metrodome lease is up after the 2011 season and they won’t renew it. The NFL has already made it quite clear that, unless the Vikings get a new stadium commitement soon, they’ll move the franchise out of Minnesota.

There’s no more road to kick the can down. It’s time to put up, shut up, and do the right thing, build the Vikings a new stadium. Are Minnesotans really willing to lose the crown jewel of Minnesota professional sports, the Vikings NFL franchise? I’m sure not. Remember the collective state angst when hockey left Minnesota in 1993? It took seven years and cost us a new arena to bring professional hockey back to Minnesota. Let’s not make that mistake again.

Vikings: Our turn for a new stadium

With an undefeated team, a megastar quarterback and a big game coming up Monday, the Vikings were back at the State Capitol on Thursday to spark interest in the one thing they do not have — a new stadium.

Vikings spokesman Lester Bagley again told legislators that the team would not renew its Metrodome lease, which expires after the 2011 season. Bagley also said that owner Zygi Wilf is increasingly battling pressure from other National Football League owners.

“They don’t ask how’s [star running back] Adrian Peterson doing,” Bagley said. “They ask him how is the stadium doing, because the NFL is subsidizing this market to the tune of $15 million to $20 million a year.”

The Vikings, who are seeking an estimated $700 million in a “public-private partnership,” have made their pitch to the Legislature on repeated occasions, to little effect.

Of course, even though we’ve done it for every other major sports team in Minnesota, no one likes to spend taxpayer money on stadiums for rich team owners, especially with today’s economy. Unfortunately, we have no other choice anymore, we either pony up for a new stadium this year or we lose our NFL franchise, it’s that simple.

Or is there another choice? Well, what do we have here? Why, it’s a man with a plan!

Will slots help Vikings get a new stadium?

Trying to jump-start interest in a new Minnesota Vikings stadium, a Republican legislator on Monday proposed a constitutional amendment to add slot machines to the state’s two horse-racing tracks and use the proceeds to build the stadium.

Rep. Tom Hackbarth, R-Cedar, said his latest plan was a “little bit of a twist” to a failed effort earlier this year for a constitutional amendment to create another casino in Minnesota and put the profits toward a stadium.

Hackbarth said his latest plan is different because “it’s not an expansion of gambling,” since Minnesota racing tracks already allow gambling in the form of card games.

“I don’t know what else we’re going to do if we don’t go to gaming,” said Hackbarth. He said legislative leaders were “kind of sticking their heads in the sand.” The Vikings’ lease expires in 2011 at the Metrodome, a venue that has been their home for more than a quarter century but which the team says is now outdated and a financial drag.

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So, let me see if I’ve got this straight. All we have to do is add slot machines to two existing horse tracks, that already have card game gambling, so we’re not opening any new casinos or expanding gambling to any new locations, and we can build a new Vikings stadium without costing the taxpayers any money?

What the [expletive deleted] are we waiting for? Oh yeah, I forgot, the politicians.

/I swear, if we lose our NFL franchise because the politicians can’t get their act together and get a Vikings stadium deal done, especially when a perfectly reasonable, no cost to taxpayers, solution is being served up to them on a silver platter, I’m going to be really, really pissed, along with the majority of Minnesotans

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Super Bob was assigned to league Yahoo Public 948705 and players were auto-drafted, another team that doesn’t suck.

Unfortunately, after almost 25 years of continuous play, my fantasy football league, the GFFL, folded this year. I was going to take a break this year and just watch my home team, but at the last minute yesterday, I couldn’t resist the urge and took the plunge at Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football. It’s free and really easy to get set up.

Needless to say, I hadn’t done any research and didn’t know anyone who already had a league I could join. Fortunately, neither of these obstacles was a problem, Yahoo! will auto-assign you to a league and the software also lets you auto-draft the players for your team.

So, I started two teams, Super Bob, which is still waiting to be assigned to a league, and Super Bill, which was assigned to Yahoo Public 932322 and drafted this afternoon. I got a pretty decent team and the software makes it easy to make cuts and pickups so I should be able to make it better as the season goes on.

If you like fantasy football and don’t have a league to play in, I would recommend Yahoo! So far, I’m impressed. And it’s not too late to start a team. They’ll be forming leagues for a while yet. The one ten team league I’m in so far doesn’t even begin keeping real standings until week two, although we still get to play this week, even though it doesn’t count.

/halftime of tonight’s opening NFL game and I’m losing 9 (PIT defense) – 1 (Rob Bironas)