This’ll For Sure Make North Korea Behave

Who let these people out of the clown car again?

Rice on UN sanctions

U.S. representative to the United Nations Susan Rice appeared in the White House Briefing Room at the beginning of the on-camera briefing to talk about the U.N. sanctions against North Korea.

She said she would “not be surprised” if the North Koreans responded provocatively to today’s actions.

She also said the provisions allowing for inspection of ships suspected of transporting weapons of mass destruction or missile technology does not provide authority for military force to direct suspect ships to port for inspection or to seize the cargo. In this respect, she alluded to giving up a bit in the negotiations, but “we feel we got a lot.” She would not go into details.

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Obama bows to China over NK sanctions in UN

We mentioned earlier that Obama wanted all UN members to be able to search all ships bound for North Korea if that ship was not in the territorial waters of NK and reasonable suspicion existed that prohibited items (read: nuclear-bomb enabling stuff sent from China) were on board.

The United States insisted that this provision be a part of the sanctions to be levied out of the UNSC on NK as a response to the latest nuke test.

China said no. Obama caved.

China’s proffered logic was that “mandatory inspections of North Korean cargo would lead to military conflict.”

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Take That North Korea!

Well, aren’t those just special sanctions, excuse us Mr. Kim Jong-il, can we board and inspect your ship we suspect is carrying weapons of mass destruction, pretty please?

/sanctions about as useful as a third tit on a boar

Take That North Korea!

Flashback to Memorial Day, just about a week ago, Obama gives North Korea the what for and threatens to spring into action along with the international community.

Fast forward back to today. Where are the sanctions, where is the international pressure? They’re still dithering, just like they always do.

China, Russia Delay United Nations Action on Sanctions Against North Korea Over Nuclear Test

North Korea’s allies China and Russia raised questions Tuesday about some possible new sanctions against North Korea for its recent nuclear test, delaying Security Council action sought by key Western powers, U.N. diplomats said.

But, getting a resolution out quickly is less important than getting one that has teeth, they said.

“We need meaningful sanctions,” France’s U.N. Ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert stressed.

Turkey’s U.N. Ambassador Baki Ilkin, the current Security Council president, said the draft resolution currently being discussed is “a highly complex text.”

“It takes time, and we must get it right, so one or two days later or earlier is not that important,” he told reporters. “What is important is that we do have this resolution that has an impact.”

The United States, Britain and France have been pressing for a speedy council response to Pyongyang’s underground nuclear test on May 25, and ambassadors from the three countries have been meeting with their counterparts from China, Russia and the two countries most closely affected by the test, Japan and South Korea, to draft a new resolution.

Some council diplomats had privately predicted that the seven countries would agree on a draft on Tuesday which would then be circulated to all 15 members of the Security Council.

But China and Russia raised some issues, what one diplomat described as a lot of little sticking points, so negotiations among the seven countries were continuing, diplomats said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the consultations are private.

Ripert expressed hope that a draft could be circulated to the full council, possibly Wednesday. Ilkin said “I would hope that we will have something in the course of this week, hopefully.”

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Remember back in April, when North Korea launched missiles? It’s like Groundhog Day all over again, only Groundhog Day is in February. That time it was Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., threatening to spring into action with the rest of the international community.

All hat, no cattle. Gee, where do you think North Korea gets the idea that they can get away with anything? Speaking of which . . .

Ignoring warning, North puts missile near launching pad

A North Korean missile at a base in Dongchang-ri, North Pyongan, has been transported by cargo train to an assembly building near the launch pad, an informed source said yesterday.

The source said, “The missile was covered but looked to be of a similar shape and slightly longer than the long-range rocket fired on April 5.”

South Korean sources said Monday that North Korea was trying to launch the rocket by mid-June. The rocket is estimated to be an intercontinental ballistic missile with a theoretical range of between 4,000 kilometers (2,485.5 miles) and 6,500 kilometers. It could possibly reach Alaska.

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And so it goes, same as it ever was, and not even a strongly worded letter to show for it.

/they’re going to need a bigger clown car