Obama Turkey Trots In Turkey

Remember back during the campaign when it was taboo and tantamount to blasphemy or racism to dare to mention Obama’s Muslim heritage or, for that matter, his middle name?

Obama ‘Muslim’ rumour: Ugly, false and out in the open

Gayle Quinnell is in fact the collective voice of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Americans whose nativist fears Republicans have been stoking for months. The Americans who have been passing on smear-mails for years.

“Beware,” said the first one I saw, back in January of 2007. “Obama takes great care to conceal the fact that he is a Muslim.”

It went on to reveal that Obama’s African father was a “radical Muslim.” and that Obama himself had studied at an extremist school in Jakarta. Other messages declare Obama refused to be sworn into the Senate on a Bible. Or that he refuses to recite the pledge of allegiance.

The e-mails are patently false, and have been widely debunked. But whisper campaigns are as persistent as the flu.

Clearly — witness Ms. Quinnell in Minnesota — the message has had an effect. Any reporter who’s covered this campaign has seen it.

I heard it in May, as parishioners gathered outside a Baptist church in North Carolina. And I’ve heard it in the highly-educated, genteel suburbs of Washington.

A colleague says he’s encountered the same thing in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Missouri: “It’s usually ‘I know he says he isn’t, but I think he’s a Muslim.’ You hear it everywhere.”

The whisper campaign seems particularly directed at Jewish voters, playing on their fears that Obama might not be pro-Israel enough, or that he is somehow in league with Muslims, read Arabs, read terrorists.

But Jewish readers of the New York Times might have been surprised this week by an article that identified where a lot of this stuff originated: Andy Martin, a conspiracy theorist who once set for himself the goal of “exterminating Jew power.” Martin is apparently fond of filing lawsuits, some of which use even more pungent anti-Semitic rhetoric. He once filed a brief calling a judge a “crooked, slimy Jew.”

Martin evidently isn’t too keen on Muslims, either, and he was one of the first out of the gate questioning Obama’s heritage.

The Times investigation traced the origin of the smear-mail campaign to Martin’s self-published writings. And by the time the presidential race got under way, the e-mails had laid a foundation for organized conservative attacks.

Speakers at Republican events began referring to “Barack Hussein Obama,” with heavy emphasis on their opponent’s middle name.

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Well, now that he’s been safely elected and speaking to Muslims in an Islamic country, Obama’s suddenly proud of his Muslim heritage.

Obama highlights his Muslim roots in Turkey speech

President Barack Obama launched a major outreach initiative to Islam on Monday, urging Muslims to join America in fighting common enemies.

And signaling the strategic importance of the U.S. alliance with this majority-Muslim country, the president made a sharp retreat from a campaign promise to press Turkey on the issue of Armenian genocide.

“Let me say this as clearly as I can: The United States is not at war with Islam,” Obama said. “In fact, our partnership with the Muslim world is critical in rolling back a fringe ideology that people of all faiths reject.”

Obama came to Turkey at the end of a European tour of summits designed to restore ties to nations frustrated with American foreign policy, especially in Iraq.

In a closely watched address to the Turkish assembly, Obama continued a line he started in Europe, admitting American fallibility in an effort to rebuild ties with nations tired of America’s arrogance.

Obama, who downplayed his own family ties to Islam during last year’s presidential campaign, found them of greater use in the Turkish capital, telling a gathering of the Grand National Assembly that “the United States has been enriched by Muslim-Americans.

“Many other Americans have Muslims in their family, or have lived in a Muslim-majority country,” Obama said. “I know, because I am one of them.”

Obama, a Christian whose Kenyan father was Muslim, was raised partly in majority-Muslim Indonesia.

I guess now that it’s convenient and suits his purposes, Obama can openly embrace his Muslim ancestry, instead of hiding it and demonizing Republicans and anyone else who dared to have the audacity to mention it. In fact, whether it’s Shiite Iran or Sunni Saudi Arabia, Obama seems to be going the extra mile to bend over backwards and suck up to Islamic countries, the same countries that equip and fund terrorists that kill Americans.

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Obama ends Europe trip with tour of Istanbul mosque

US President Barack Obama visited a landmark mosque in Istanbul on Tuesday, following strong messages of US reconciliation with the Islamic world on his maiden trip to a mainly Muslim country.

Taking off his shoes as tradition requires, Obama stepped into the 17th-century Sultanahmet Mosque in the ancient heart of Istanbul, accompanied by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan amid tight security in the area.

Two Muslim preachers guided Obama inside the grandiose edifice — better known as the Blue Mosque for its blue tileworks — and the president smiled when they showed him a dome scripture mentioning the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson Hussein, Obama’s middle name, Anatolia news agency reported.

In a major speech at the Turkish parliament in Ankara Monday, Obama declared that the United States “is not and never will be at war with Islam” and called Turkey a “critical ally,” earning himself much praise in a country where his predecessor left the US image in tatters.

“Obama conquers hearts,” the popular Vatan newspaper trumpeted on its front page, while the liberal Taraf said the speech marked the end of “the bellicose spirit of September 11.”

Turkey, a “critical ally”, really? Turkey, our NATO ally that totally [expletive deleted] up our Operation Iraqi Freedom invasion plans by denying territorial access to the 4th Infantry Division, which cost us untold American lives in the ensuing invasion improvisation, now they’re suddenly our best buddies?

The 4th Infantry Division was alerted for the Iraq War on January 19, 2003. The Division’s mission was to lead an advance from Turkey into Northern Iraq. Unfortunately the Turkish government did not give their permission for U.S. Forces to use Turkey to attack Iraq, and the Ivy Division had to reroute to the war through Kuwait. Arriving after the invasion had started, the 4th Infantry Division entered Iraq as follow-on forces in April of 2003. The 4th ID was deployed in the northern area of the Sunni Triangle near Tikrit. The Ivy Division became a major part of occupation forces during the post-war period.

Obama should stop apologizing and groveling to Islamic countries that not only do nothing to help us, but routinely work against our interests at the ongoing cost of American lives. It’s counterproductive, they only understand strength and collectively laugh at Obama’s numerous displays of impotent weakness.

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